Beatiful Dreamers and the 7 star seed children
The fine art of Charles Glaubitz
Charles Glaubitz mixed media drawings, acrylic paintings on canvas, collaged felt paintings, animated videos, graphic novels, collages and installations flow and merge together to form a modern mythology a meta-narrative telling the story of the "Viejo Mundo" and "Los Nuevos Dioses".  Glaubitz transforms traditionally formal decisions—such as the use of color, language, and pattern—into opportunities to create new characters, develop sub-plots, and convey symbolic meaning. Each work, presentation
depicts another chapter of the meta-narrative hypersigil story of the "Los Eternos". The "ViejoMundo" this "Old World" shared a dystopian vision, mythos of post industrial consumer capitalist society
wich was destroyed by two archetypal beings El Rey Capitalista and El Jardinero when facing each other (ego and self) in their final struggle, and thus creating a new universe "Los Nuevos Dioses" where "Los Eternos" dwell.

Charles Glaubitz artwork is influenced by ancient cultures, history, myth, alchemy, hermetic knowledge, quantum physics, comic books, spirituality, mysticism and new age spiritualism. Los Eternos each
new chapter of the new "old" story, the inherent struggle among endless duality fighting in a grand scheme, populated by subatomic and  ethereal beings - a shamantic tale, full of archetypes that live in works from psychology to comic books, and with characters like The Capitalist King (Mickey Mouse) and the El Niño Burro (the maverick type) The Illuminati (Secret Society), The Indigo Child
(cosmic endowened child).

His body of work elaborate on this great saga giving us a glance at the life, death, battles, conflicts,ideals, virtues, vices - past, present and future - where the artist explores sub-plots and theatrical dramas, in a attempt to creat a new mytho.
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